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TSVIR (Thai Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology) conference is international interventional radiology annual conference aim to update medical knowledge in IR fields. To encourage regional participation the TSVIR conference, we provide six grants of waived registration fees for delegates who meet these criteria:

  1. Be the Radiologist or resident or fellowship training in Radiology or Interventional Radiology.

  2. Work in Cambodia or Myanmar or Laos country.

  3. Be the first-time attendees of this conference.

Applicants must submit the application to including following items by 20th September 2019:

  1. CV in PDF format (maximum of 2 pages)

  2. A brief essay (less than 250 words) explaining why receiving support would be particularly useful to you, and any additional information you wish to add.

Approximately one week after the application deadline, the Grants committee will make the final decision on funding. The applicant will be notified regarding the status of their request.

*The grants are not including travel expense and accommodation cost.